What does wearing high heels feel like?

I would probably say that walking in high heels feels like another form of movement. Let me try to explain this with an analogy: I have learned how to walk in my wind and later how to ride. It is also not particularly difficult to learn, but in the beginning they were a complete nightmare to master. It seemed virtually impossible to move in the right direction without breaking an ankle or at least without getting very sore legs (and feet … and behind, in the case of the bike!).

When I continued training, however, I became a mediocre roller-skating, and even after a decade after leaving it, when I picked it up again to make some skates (since it doesn't snow in the place I live, it was a novelty for me ), I found my balance relatively quickly again, and after a couple of hours I could go on ice with the same ease as I could with roller skates a decade earlier.

Skates make the movement "different". You basically need to learn a lot of things, all at the same time: how to keep the balance; how to deal with going much faster (you need faster reactions, but then also skates will react much faster, especially on ice!); how to handle being longer (yes the difference can be confusing); and there are quite a few movements that simply differ from the "normal" way, ie walking and driving. Cycling is even more different, because the movement on the legs hardly has anything to do with how a person normally goes – but you don't just have to learn another way to move your legs while you sit down and steer, without losing your balance. And yes, you also go much faster than running, and it also requires you to react faster.