What do you think of tall girls wearing heels?

I think this is none of my business. But, since you asked, I love it. I'm not a tall guy. 5 & ​​10 "and I have no problem if a girl I am with is longer than I. In fact, I am sorry for some long girls who have been ashamed to wear apartments and pushed over to not stand out than the rest of the kitty girls who make oblique comments, while they are jealous of the long girls' long legs.I have had long girls say they do not want to wear heels because they want to protect their husbands egos, but I say not, it is not your fault that he is short, be proud and see your best every day, especially when you are young, wear the heels you want, accentuate what you have, everyone else does it.The round face has square glasses, fat people trying to wear black to lose weight. Anything, I can think of many more. There are too many people throwing their opinions on others just to make themselves better. Heels are a big example of that. a girl wears them, and her s friends don't do it.Now, don't get wrong if your friend is wearing something that really makes them so stupid. Too dense (belly fat that hangs out) or colors that make them unsuitable for the situation, light yellow to a funeral. Then you should say something, but a girl who wants to wear heels, well, let her be the beauty she wants to be, no judgments. Just as you can't judge a girl who wants to be very low key.