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How to get the right slip cover for your couches and sofas

We all want our furniture to look timeless and make it last longer. The only problem is as time passes by the couches and sofas tend to wear out and look old. You have two choices when this happens that is to either buy a new sofa or invest in a slip cover. A slip cover provides an easy solution to solving the problem. It comes in a variety of fabrics and styles, so you can choose one that works best for you. Here are some tips that’ll help you get the right slip cover:

Purpose of the slip cover

The slip cover is purchased for either one of two things. The first is to protect  couches and sofas from children, pets or dirt. The other reason is to give old furniture new life. This will guide you in terms of knowing what materials of slip cover to buy and how much you should spend on one.

Material to buy

Depending on the purpose of your slip cover, you need to get the one with the right material to match your purpose. For instance, a person looking to protect their couch, a black slip cover made out of heavy cotton with patterns that hide stains is probably the best choice. You could also get the slip cover to style your furniture. A good material would be cotton spandex blend as its stylish and will fit well.

Measurement of the couch

Never buy a slip cover without knowing the measurement of the couch that’s a big mistake. You should measure your couch and sofa so that you can get the slip cover of the right size. In order to measure your couch correctly, be sure to check the measurement from the outside of one arm to the outside edge of the other.


Slip covers awesome as they help give the couch a new lease on life and protect the couch from dirt and slips making it look new. Using a slip couch can help give a timeless lease to the couch. These slip covers come in different materials. They could be denim, canvas or cotton. It only depends with what you like, just be sure to get the right one that will be a tight fit and will look good for your couch and sofa

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