Belden Full-Over-Full Bunk Bed, Simply White White Wooden Bunk Beds

White Bunk Beds makes your kids room look fab

Bunk Beds in your kid’s room help them to cherish their childhood when they grow. Kids love to have them and same space is used to accommodate for two rather than one. It is even useful when you have some uninvited guests and you could also convert the lower side to a study area or a sofa.  In this case it’s your imagination as its best. Every kind of White Bunk beds is available and you can choose any of them. Talking about White Colour, it looks most stunning. Choose from bright metal styles to triple sleepers that include a double bed. Choose any of the designs and make your rooms look fab and more spacious.

Twin over twin White Bunk Bed:

These are the standard white bunk beds which are most widely used. It’s a twin bed over a twin bed as suggested by the name with a stair attached. Talking about dimensions, it is 39×75 inches. These beds also come equipped with drawers and also these beds could be used as separate beds.

Twin over Full White Bunk beds:

It’s a full-sized bed (54 x 75 inches) topped by a twin-sized one makes a twin over full White bunk bed, an increasingly popular configuration. This is a unique design and could be used when there is age difference between kids or only a single room is shared with parents and the kids.

Full over Full White bunk bed:

This is also a unique design that saves a lot of space and helps in accommodating four in the space of two. It is a fashionable, beautiful and practical solution for guest rooms; a full over full bunk bed, especially if equipped with a trundle bed, can comfortably house an entire mid-sized family.

Loft White Bunk Beds:

Loft beds are the innovative part of White Bunk Beds. It is a bed elevated to a certain height, with free space underneath which can be used for play, storage, as a study area, or, as is often the case, for another bed. Just challenge your innovation and imagination and you could come up with a new style of loft bed. Whether it’s a study area, down your bed or anything you want. You can place a sofa underneath the bed. Simply do what you want.

All these White Bunk Beds are available in different materials and designs. Choose the one which best fits your room and make your rooms more spacious and these White Bunk Beds also give your rooms a stunning look.

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