Which Loft Bunk Bed is your favourite?

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A loft bunk bed is a bed elevated to a certain height, with free space underneath. A standard loft bed only has one mattress on the top bunk, with floor space below which can be used for storage, a play area, a study area or just to create more open space within the room. It’s a great solution for small bedrooms that require all the floor space it can get. Many loft beds even have built-in storage space or desk space beneath the top bunk. loft beds are also often chosen by many parents for their kids rooms even if space is not an issue; they are practical, they are attractive, and kids love them: many such beds have the free space below enclosed with tents or curtains with windows, which creates a fabulous play area — their very own small “house.” There are many variations in lofted bunk beds depending upon the material used and way you occupy the space underneath it. It totally depends upon your choice and need. Some of the few examples of Lofted Bunk Beds are:

Study Loft Bunk Bed:

Study Loft Bunk Bed is one of the uses of Loft Bunk bed. The study design bunk bed utilizes the standard loft platform to place – instead of a lower bed – a desk or work station below the upper level. Some will simply have a shelf, while others will contain a fully equipped built in desk and shelving.

Sitting Loft Bunk Bed:

These bunk beds combine a standard upper level bed with a lower level sofa, for added versatility. Not only can they sleep two people comfortably, but the lower space acts as a comfortable sofa during waking hours. These are great for bedrooms with televisions or for simply hanging out.

Play Loft Bunk Bed:

This is another category of Loft Bunk Bed in which the lower space is utilized as a playing area for your kids. Your kids get more space for playing when you choose a higher Bunk Bed for them.

These were some of the types we discussed but the types are made according to your need. For example, you could place your TV down your Loft Bunk bed. You could use the space as your dining area if you have a one room house. As said earlier it depends totally on your need. These Loft Bunk Beds are available in many different materials and many different colours.

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