What you still Need to know about a Drawer Chest

What you still Need to know about a Drawer Chest

The place of chests in the bedroom can be a great relief to users to help store those items that are often meant for the closet or children’s little clothing like socks and toys. Having a chest handy is therefore of great benefit for parents and the household. If having a chest is good, then having multiples in a chest of drawers is absolutely splendid!

As you may know, a chest can be that single rectangular box you pull open upwards, having just one compartment. Interestingly, there are those you can slide open with drawers, which we can refer to as drawer chest.

Description of a Typical Drawer chest

A drawer chest is often rectangular-shaped furniture either made of wood, metals or upholstered materials. They come with a range of drawers arranged in a parallel pattern. While some drawers are in a single file, others are double or even triple stacked. Some chests have 3, 4 drawers in the stack while the very tall ones can go up to 7 drawers.

Drawer chest Types you can assess

Basically, all chests of drawers can be classified as tall or low.

Tall chest of drawers

A Tall chest of drawers is typical for its height which is largely dependent on the number of drawers it possesses. A very tall chest can be 8 drawer chest long. The set of drawers usually has narrower base compared to the low category since the drawers are designed to take up space in the air rather the floor.

Low chest types

These are the typical standard for everyone. Their being called low invariably has nothing to do with quality but rather the simplicity of its design. They usually have the stack of drawers in a single file.

Of types mentioned. One thing is common; the material of design is the same across all boards in most cases. Wood like mahogany and oak, and metals like nickel are the framing materials for these products.

Where can chest drawer be kept and used

A chest of drawer is primarily bedroom furniture. The purpose of having one is relative to what your need it for, but storage is the key function. Since we’re talking of drawers here, it is obviously a good idea to have different items in its section. Clothes can go for one, children’s toys can be for another, and even the flat top is an avenue for a top display of frequently used items.

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