Use Bed without headboard for a comfortable sleeping experience

(Image credit: Plastolux) Bed Without Headboard

Bed without headboard is easy on maintenance and usually comes with drawers for storage. The platform bed can accommodate a twin mattress and provides comfortable space for sleeping. It adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom and is an ideal choice for modern bedrooms specially occupied by working people who have no time to spare to clean the headboards.

Get platform beds and sleep comfortably

A platform bed adds a touch of style to a bedroom. The simple design highlights the bedroom décor. A twin bed mattress on this bed provides a comfortable sleeping atmosphere. On either side of the bed you can have two nightstands to hold the night lamps to provide light for reading. The storage space can be used to accommodate the bed linen and other accessories to keep the bedroom spic and span.

The bed has slats to hold the mattress which are well treated to prevent any damage by insects. The support system keeps the slats two inches apart. This bed can be used with a memory foam mattress. The material used in the making of this platform bed in wood which is durable and will last a long time.

Get a bed without headboard to serve dual functions

If you have a studio apartment then a bed without a headboard is an ideal solution. You can spread a few cushions for backrest and use it in place of sofa for seating and entertaining friends who drop by for a chat. At night this can be used for sleeping comfortably. The bed linen can be accommodated in the storage drawers below the bed.

A corner stand or a nightstand on the side will hold the night lamp for reading. This platform bed made of pine and MDF is strong and durable to last a long time.

Bed without headboard is easy to be accommodated in a small place

Bed without headboard is easy to be moved when you want to change the setting of the room. It can be easily accommodated in any corner of the room. Headboards are delicate and require more care and maintenance. When there is no headboard there is no static or frizz that is caused when you use silk bed linen.

You can get matching nightstands to compliment your platform bed and provide a nice setting. If you thinking of getting a bed without headboard   look up at the different pieces mentioned above and get one you like for your requirement.

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