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Update your Bedroom with an antique style Iron Headboard

Tired of seeing your old bedroom? Need a style update? Give your bedroom a retro look dressed in quilted throws and patterned pillows. It’s an eye pleasing alternative to sleek contemporary styles. Iron Headboards are a popular choice among consumers, mainly due to the number of styles available as well as their relative affordability. This style of headboard matches many different types of decor, including country, modern, urban, minimalist, and vintage. It gives an antique look to your bedroom. These commonly have elegant swirls and patterns incorporated throughout the metal headboard, and come in a variety of colours such as bronze, brown, black, or white. This style of headboard will easily make a room appear warm and cosy. For a mid-century look, others choose to decorate with a iron headboard.  These are typically gold in colour and are very shiny. Brass along with iron can add a bit of flair to any bedroom. Now we would be talking about types of iron headboards.

Freestanding Iron Headboard:

Freestanding Iron Headboard is very popular category in Headboards. A freestanding iron headboard is bought separately and can be easily attached to either bed or the wall. The freestanding headboard is easy to shift between rooms. Thus with freestanding iron headboard a fusion of styles could be created with different style of headboard, bed and even wall. There is always scope for innovation and art.

Fixed Iron Headboard:

These fixed Iron Headboards are permanently attached to the walls and gives your room a floating look. The major problem with these kinds of Iron headboards is that they are difficult to move and even spoil your wall if installed wrongly. They can even be framed with a wooden moulding and even some other metal. Shoppers should note, wall mounted headboards do not typically help in securing pillows or bed sheets to the bed, which some find to be a disadvantage


This is the most common Iron Headboards and even the most affordable ones. This kind of iron headboard is generally rectangular in shape and could be styled with different kinds of fabrics and designs. But simple Iron Headboard consists of iron only. It helps to keep your bedroom neat and clean.

The proper Iron headboard will complement the entire look and feel of a bedroom. From contemporary to classic, headboards typically find themselves to be the focal point of the room while creating an atmosphere of comfort and style.

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