Unique bunk beds; the climax of design

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There was a time when bunk beds were thought to be a space saving bed and were used in apartments or places where people would have small rooms for kids. These beds would have simple design and finish; having upper and lower end panels, upper and lower mattress frames, guardrails and ladder. It would be erected upright without theme and design. But those days are gone; now decorating a kids’ room is pretty fun and much hard and challenging as well. Looking at the spectacular and jaw-dropping designs of the unique bunk beds you would certainly wish if you had one in childhood.

What kind of unique bunk beds are available?

Have you ever gone to market to observe the new styles and designs of the bunk beds? Or have you searched on internet for unique bunk beds? If no; you are missing the world of the unique bunk beds. Now interior designers, architects and landscape designers have designed such bunk beds that your eye balls will keep rolling having their looks. In fact there are countless and limitless designs of bunk beds that one cannot imagine how the designers and architects create such imaginative designs.

Design and styles

In fact the designers are now designing the bunk beds with specific theme and ideas. Some designers say that actually we are designing the bunk beds for the kids in such ways that their room along bunk bed would work as a thematic place, like a small theme park, and they will be enjoying the space as a fun place, not only a bed. Bunk beds are not only using as a simple bed, it is at the same time being used as drawer, shelve and closet as well.

Following are the list of few bunk beds worth mention here, without which the bunk beds would be missing its main role in creative bedding. Some of the thematic unique bunk beds designed by the designers are following.

  • Medieval dungeon bunk bed

It is a bed designed by the designers inspired by the medieval dungeons and it gives a rustic charm to the room décor.

  • Bunk bed with slide and ropes

It is bunk bed which has climbing rope with ladder and along with slides which adds more fun to the kids’ life.

  • Wave 2

This bunk was designed in Denmark in 2008 at it is famous all over the world for its unique and exquisite design. It has smooth arches in molded veneer.

If we list such thematic and beautiful bunk beds the list will be of booklet, because there are countless designs and styles of bunk beds in the market. What you have to do is; consider the décor and the space of the building for which you are going to buy a bunk bed.

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