The tradition of the Pine Dresser

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While the world is in love with color and all forms of things that pleases the eye, one piece of furniture has decided to stay pristine and traditional for quite some time now. The Pine Dresser as the name gives it away is a furniture that as got drawers or pull outs and is made of wood fro the Pine tree. What is amazing about this furniture is the manner in which it is made and finished. The dresser is made with the raw wood visible. A transparent veneer is the only finish that is usually administered and the color of the wood remains prominent for the whole surface area of the dresser. We are not implying that the dresser cannot be painted or something but their tradition has always been one that is not painted. The customer’s wishes must always be granted and if painting is essential, then it is good to paint.

What lies under the veneer

A Pine Dresser is a fine and durable furniture. The hard wood nature of the tree means hardwood timber of durable quality and stability. There are numerous types of this piece of furniture whereby each room can have its own type. There are those made for the kitchen, those made for the living room and others more for the bed room. Their shape and sizes do not conform to a particular pattern but vary greatly in shape and size. They are the kind that can be used for any purpose in the house from putting utensils to the storage of books and even clothing in the bedroom. What lies under the veneer of such dressers is the flexibility, the durability and the cost effectiveness that they can offer.

Best place for the dressers

The Pine dressers go well with walls or environments that have almost the same color as it exhibits. The brownish color may go well well with a brown theme in the house and as it has been said, the dressers can be painted to fit the particular needs that are being demanded. They can be spacious or small again depending on the specific needs being addressed and meeting them is always a guarantee.

Be traditional and classical

The Pine dresser evokes a feeling of vintage furniture. The color and the style that they are made have that reputation and can hence be very resourceful for those who love vintage.


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