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The Best Day Bed ideas

With their close-packed size and usability as both as a bed and sofa, daybeds are a great living-space solution. If you have a day bed at home, don’t just sit on it and wonder what to do. Here are some best ideas for doing something with your day bed.

Have storage beside the Day Bed

Place your Day Bed beside a shelf or a rack in which you usually keep your book and magazines. Reading a good book on a day bed isn’t just a pass-time thing but also it is positively encouraged. Alternatively, you can buy a built-in Day Bed with pull-out drawers below it and an adjacent book ledge. Arm that can be pulled inward can spell a warm glow on the Day Bed.

Match Day Bed with the surrounding wall

For people obsessed with colors, matching the color with the surrounding walls gives it a flawless feel, adding spirit through patterned cushions. A French-style Day Bed adds stylishness to any room instantly. Using different floral patterns adds another layer of elegance.

Make it perfect for an afternoon nap

Make a velvety corner. It should be perfect for an afternoon snooze with a country-style day bed. Enliven the scene with few pillows in funky fabrics and add a side table for books (optional) and a reading lamp.

Match it with the floor

Coloring and adding compassion to a corridor with a wrought iron Day Bed with a seat enclosed with a pretty Designer Guild fabric and stratified with cushions – a scene that matches elegantly with wooden carpeting.

Garden Day Bed

Buy a garden Day Bed and place it in your decorated area to create the perfect place to relax in the garden during warm and tired summer evenings. Also, decorated cushions in this season’s soft greenery and combined with dropping lanterns for a comfortable look. A storage chest in front of the bed can used to place drinks, as well as a place to pack away games and other things.

Color and texture

Beside a Day Bed, place a wooden coffee table with same color but different texture. This gives it a beautiful look. Cushions with a different texture, a flower vase add up to the color.

Take care of guests

The wrought-iron Day Bed is a perfect place for guests to sleep without taking up too much of space. Translucent curtains and frangible, clean bed open up the space even more for guests.

Finally, all these options make no sense if you couldn’t use your own creativity. Think out of the box make your Day Bed look awesome.

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