Anders Triple Bunk Bed with 3 Single Beds in White Single

Single bunk bed for space saving

Selection of the bed for room is one of the difficult jobs because you have to consider the size of the room in comparison of bed. You must have heard of single, double, queen size and king size beds; these are in fact beds differing in size. So what you have to do is go in detail of dimension and other features before making purchase. Also selecting a bunk bed is the best solution for saving space because everyone is aware that how much it cost for every single square meter of space and not scarifying the space for every small activity is only possible with single bunk bed.

Why should you buy single bunk beds?

Well, buying a bunk bed solves many problems and provides us ample space for other activities. Along with it is available in different designs and styles. There are endless designs but the purchaser need to know the kind of bunk beds before buying. Also the designs matter in space saving and allowing space for activities within premises. When you are buying a bunk bed it could be one of the following: Single over single, single over double, double over double and single over futon. So among all of these designs the best to save space and bring aesthetical beauty to the room is with single over single or simple single bunk bed.

Considerations for buying single bunk bed

Mentioned earlier single bed is best among all; there are certain things you need to know before you shop. You should know that what the material of the bed is; i.e. it can be wood, metal or combination. Also among wood it can be of maple, oak, walnut, rubber wood, pine, MDF etc.

The material chosen has certain effects on the bed because you have to deal with them. For instance; every kind of wood has different features like its sturdiness, strength, heaviness, resistance to wear and tear, easy to clean and attractive etc. All these things matter while moving, cleaning, and placing. Maple is mostly preferred by customers because it is sturdy and durable but its maneuver is somehow not easy because of its heaviness.

Safety measure

We know the bunk beds are best in term of use for saving space but there are some safety concerns as well. If it will be used for kids more measures need to be taken before buying which include:

  • There should be no gap in-between the frame and mattress
  • There should be guardrails on every side
  • The mattress should be in accordance with the size of the guardrails

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