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Say hello to the classic Black And White Dresser​

Minimalist is back. If you want to add a modern touch to your dresser, then you should definitely consider this post. Black and white hues aren’t a thing of the past anymore. They are here to stay and we’re going to show you how! It’s far too simple to achieve so you should definitely consider there do it yourself ideas.

  1. Geometric patterns.

Geo prints are something you can never go wrong with. Especially when they are stripped down to the bare minimum colors of black and white. Motifs are a great way to transform your plain old dressers. A black and white dresser is just the thing you need to experiment with these motifs. From triangular motifs to circular ones to ones that combine all the shapes you possibly can, these prints are here to stay.

  1. Border it out.

Another classic play on a black and white dresser is a simple border. You could border each draw with black, while keeping the rest of the dresser white. You could also do the opposite. Border the draws white while keeping the dresser black. These simple techniques manage to add class to your room in almost no time at all. The absolute best part of these techniques are that you can mix and match whenever and however you want without having to buy new furniture!

  1. 100 shades of grey?

By far, one of the easiest methods to transform your dresser will be with wallpaper right? Pick out a wallpaper that suits your liking and slap it onto your dresser. If you get tired of looking at the same old, strip it down and put up a brand new one. There’s no doubt that you can experiment with just about any shades and shapes when it comes to wallpapers.

  1. One shade darker.

Different shades of black are out there, and you probably know that by now. Picking just the right one might not be the easiest task, so why not pick all? You could begin with a lighter shade at the top and each descent will bring you to a drawer of a darker hue. You could line the draws with a white border or pick out handles that are in white. Simple and easy to execute- they take almost no time at all.

Black and white dressers are here to stay! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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