Impressive wooden headboards the rustic charm of this cedar wood headboard

antique wooden headboards for queen beds

There are a huge variety of wooden headboards that can be either contemporary or traditional in style. Wooden headboards are made from different types of wood materials such as teak, cherry, mahogany, maple, pine, oak, birch and walnut. Wood is often considered to be the popular material used in the design of furniture though there are more and more new materials introduced these days. Wood is very strong and sturdy and resistant to any weather conditions and its natural characteristics cannot be imitated.

Comfortable to rest on

You can find a lot of beautiful headboards made of metal but they are often compromising on the style as well as comfort. It is not so comfortable to lie against a headboard made of metal whereas a wooden headboard is absolutely comfortable to rest upon. You can relax, read book, watch TV and do other things with ease lying on a bed with wooden headboard.

Easy maintenance

Though headboards made of leather are considered as a choice of luxury they require a lot of care and proper maintenance to keep them in good shape. You must use only mild special water based cleaner to clean your brand new leather headboard. Hence to avoid the difficulties of regular care and maintenance tasks wooden headboards are the perfect choice for your beds as they only need minimum maintenance. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth to get rid of any stains.

Looks good and functional

Wooden headboards are often preferred by most people as they are designed to look and feel good in your bedroom. They also add functionality to your bedroom. You can rest on the headboard comfortably and watch TV or listen to radio or even read a book late at night. The headboards also usually come with extra space for storage so that you can store the things you need within reach easily.

It is always best to purchase the wooden headboard that can easily blend well with the other furniture that you have at home. Hence have a glance at your furniture in your bedroom before setting out to shop for the headboard. Choose wooden headboards made of pine if you want to make a style statement in your bedroom. There are also other endless varieties of wooden headboards available with beautiful designs that you can choose from to complement your bedroom.

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