When we talk about bunk beds for kids, a fun playful image along with space saving solutions comes to mind. With modern homes coming into advent, space has become an essential element to keep in mind about when decorating your homes. Wooden bunk beds bring with them a magnitude of benefits but don’t think they are just confined to kid’s rooms. Smart bunk bed ideas fit aptly in adult bedrooms and guest rooms also. They are offered in a plethora of designs and patterns that combine efficient ergonomics with pleasing aesthetics.

Everyone should keep in mind that designing a wooden bunk bed for kids is not just about saving space but should also match the décor of the child’s bedroom. Form is also a major factor to keep in mind when selecting a wooden bunk bed. There are many amazing ideas that several websites offer on the internet to get some inspiration in case you are planning to re decorate your kid’s rooms or any other room in the house. There are many stores that offer customized designs that are fabricated keeping in mind the needs and requisites of the client.

In case of wooden bunk beds for kids, the idea ‘one solution fits all’ not hold any value as they have to be matched with the décor as well as the color tones of the house.


  1. Built them in

For adults sharing a room with kids, a simple built in bunk beds with wood, no adornments in bedding and simple lighting is apt for the room.

  1. Create mini rooms

With a room that has tall ceilings, an elaborate structure can be installed to create 2 mini rooms with stairs. Add a little punch by placing a colorful piece of art too.

  1. Individualize each space

Without being too overt, install wooden bunk beds with free standing furniture to allow individualization.

  1. Create activity zones

You can divide the room into zones by stacking the wooden bunk beds, separating the sleep and study areas and make the place more fun for each function. One of the best uses of a bunk bed is lofted bunk plus bed combination where each kid gets their own studying and play area.

  1. Theme it and make it fun

Don’t be scared of giving your child’s room some theme and base your decoration with the bunk beds accordingly. Playing with a little adventure makes the bunk beds more fun for the kids.

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