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Painted dressers; a new way to decorate

Do you want the issue of storage be solved with a dresser having several drawers? Certainly you do; but you would not be certain that what should be its façade. We will let you know that if you want to transform the beauty of the kitchen or dining room then you should opt for painted dresser. A painted dresser not only changes the interior design of the building but it also has certain benefits too. Like paints have psychological and mental effects on human being; having a painted dresser will not only help in storage problem it will be relieving for your brain too. Having a good painted dresser will keep you away from laziness, stress and give a dramatic accent to the room.

Why should you choose a painted dresser?

Do you want the décor of the room to change in a pleasant way? Then you should look for a painted dresser. If there is a painted dresser it becomes a focal point and gives a grandeur look to the room. One can choose from different colors and don’t need to worry about it. Also pained dressers can be repainted over and over again.

What kind of paint it should be?

As mentioned earlier painted dresses are more beneficial than others, but there comes the time when you need to know how it should be painted or kind of painting is used to paint it. So basically there are two kinds of paintings: latex and oil based. You need to know that it depends on the material i.e. what kind of wood is it, like oak looks good as compare to other woods when it is painted. It is also important to think before the investment is made, because the durability and longevity of the paint also differs. You need to know that for what purpose the dresser would be used and for how long it should last. The paint also has effect on the cleansing of the dresser and also sometime the smell of the paint is also the issue if you don’t consider while purchasing. Also the kind of the paint i.e. latex or oil has the effect on finish too. Also the paint on the dresser will cost you accordingly so you first need to ask what kind of paint has been used for the finish. You also need to know the kind of paint because when you want to repaint i.e. you want to renovate the dresser to look it good then it would not accept the latex paint if it is initially painted with oil based paint.

So you should be aware of all these points before you buy a painted dresser. We think that you have got lot from our website and will return to get information regarding the furniture.

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