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arranging living room furniture in a rectangular room

The living room serves as a hub for social activities right from gatherings from book club to family nights. The placement of the furniture in the rooms places a vital role in making space. The most important room is the living room. Irrespective of its attractiveness, if the furniture’s are not properly placed the people may have seated themselves uncomfortably. Instead group the seatings so that all of them can sit together and comfortably make conversations.

The space’s natural focal point determines the position of the grouping. In few rooms like the fireplace this is quite architectural. In few other rooms, television serves the focal point. After the determination of the focal point, place the seating with respect to it.

Have you encountered a feeling where you were just feeling that the room was “off” and you were not able to determine what it was? The most utilised space in a home is the living room and hence a very good and planned layout aids for good flow of the traffic. The placement as well as the spacing of the furniture places a very important role for function as well as comfort. The following tips will help you in case you are relocating or when you are in the mood to rearrange your place:

Keep Entryways Clear:

Ensure that you have excess clearance when you enter a room first. Fighting your own way through a plant or Walking into the backside of a coach is the last scenario in which you desire to make an entrance. By keeping the entryways clear, the room will feel much more welcoming.

Don’t Forget the 3 Foot Rule:

Around 3 feet of space should be available for walking in the room. This will ensure comfort and avoid bumping into furniture’s and walls. The same rule is applicable to any kind of furniture with drawers and doors.

Let Furniture Float:

Avoid pushing all the furniture’s against the walls of the room. Pull the sofa as well as any other seating out by at the least inches from the wall. This will offer the cozy and inviting feeling rather than creating a bunch of dead space right at the centre.

Mind the Rugs:

Place the seatings such that they are either fully off or on the area rug. Do not allow them to wobble. Do not place the rugs in such a way that the corner’s and the edges occupy the walkways. This will reduce the chances of people tripping while they walk across the room.

Watch Out for Lighting:

Ensure that the shade of the table lamps is not so big that they get knocked off. Even the extension cords as well as the electrical cords should be places such that no one should trip while walking across the room.

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