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Make your Pick from the Best of Solid Wood Bunk Beds

In getting a bunk bed for your kids, you are left to ask what material of design would be the best choice. The primary design material of bunk beds is wood and metals. Though both come out with beautiful patterns,   solid wood is no doubt the market leader. Well, both wood and metal designed bunk beds have their own pros and cons and you might want to weigh your chances before deciding on a final decision.

Metals as a means of design

Metals are distinct for their lightweight in designing bunk bed frames. With this, they are easily transferrable from one point to the other. The finishing is always modern and beautifully polished. However, it is common with metals to have rusty noise after some time of use. Disjoint in fixes and points are a common experience with metals.

Wood as a material of design for Solid Wood Bunk Beds

What metals fail to attain, wood has it all. They are a stable piece of furniture with no noisy disorder and much more durable compared to metals. The downside being that they are much heavier that metal designs. They have flexibility in design adjustment than in metals and as such dominate the market even, though, much expensive than metals.

Bunk beds from wood are crafted from quality woods like oak and pine to give  a long lasting solid wood bunk beds. Many of these bunk beds are fashioned with the latest design patterns for customers’ satisfaction and the fact that solid wood bunk beds are in high demands. Here is a list of styles to choose from if you’re feeling natural with woods.

Styles of solid wood Bunk beds

  • Solid wood bunk beds with trundle
  • Solid wood bunk beds with stairs
  • Solid wood bunk beds with desk
  • L-shaped solid wood bunk bed
  • Futon solid wood bunk bed

When buying a bunk bed, it is required that consideration be given on what and how to go about it.

What to consider while buying a solid wood bunk bed

A lot of factors need to be checked when buying a bunk bed. First is the amount of space available. The L-shaped and some others will require a greater amount of space. A trundle is an ideal space manager and recommended when you don’t have lots of it. Similarly, you need to know the likes of the kids and your preference as a parent. If you’re stable in a residence, solid wood bunk beds is always a right choice for your growing kids.

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