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Amazing Cal king bed headboard King Bed Headboard
Amazing Cal king bed headboard King Bed Headboard

Make your King-sized Bed Majestic with King Bed Headboard

Of all bed sizes, the king-sized bed is the largest. Perhaps, the name speaks the size. The dimension of a typical standard king-sized  bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches. It’s considered to have an 18 inches difference from the queen size. Having a headboard to fit in would just be the same size range of the king size.

As there are the king sized beds, so are the king sized headboards in different styles for your king-sized bed. A king bed headboard is one of the best sellers in the market. If comparing headboards, they are really kings- the largest size of headboards available. They measure an average of about 5 feet tall. They are framed with well-polished and refined materials such as wood, metals, and upholstery.

Styles of King Bed Headboard in the Market

The well-known styles of headboard available for others like queen size, twin and full size are also available for king bed headboard. They are:

The wall mounted headboards

The attached headboards

For any of the above you decide to go for, it is recommended you have an adequate measure in place before ordering. It’s advisable to make consultation if your wall best soothes the mounting type or not.

It is also necessary dimensions are correctly taken because king sizes have variants that have different dimensions. Just look out for the one to rightly fit in properly and meets your taste.

Types of King Bed Headboard to Consider

King bed headboard comes in various styles according to the design frame and material.

Wooden headboard

The wooden headboards are generally common among others in the market. Woods are typical of crafty designs from sculptors.

They appear with design in various wooden type such as oak, mahogany and others.

Metal king bed headboards

Various shades of metals like nickel and brass are some of the design material for this style. Making a headboard out of this material can be very attractive.

Upholstery headboards

Using fabrics of different varieties, these headboards are lovely. With leather and other materials, headboards of high quality are crafted.

Well, it is viewed that getting the right king bed headboard could be a discouraging task, however, there is little or  nothing to fear because if you have all information handy it’s no a hassle at all. Only put a call through when you’re in doubt.

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