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What is Recliner Chair?

Many people use recliner chair daily but might not know that it is called Recliner Chair. They simply call it a chair. A recliner chair is a pad covered chair with a metal mechanism which can be used by the user to push the back and rise the foot rest up to lean backwards. Most recliners are armchairs, meaning they include arms. The features of a recliner chair are so that it gives maximum comfort to the user. Some recliners can be operated by the user pulling a lever; some others by pushing the chair back with certain force.

Raw Materials Used

The most important parts of the recliner chair are the frame, the activating mechanism, the upholstery padding and the fabric. As the chair is always in motion from regular position to backward titled position, the frame must be of hard wood. Padding is a mechanism of adding softness and comfort to the chair. This is done by using cotton and foam. The outermost exposed parts of the arms are made of expensive hardwoods.

Design phase

Every design in the world starts from a sketch and so does the recliner chair. The designers first sketch the design and then pass it to the next stage where it gets approved. This design along with full scale drawings are submitted to the product development team where the production starts.

Now, a prototype of the recliner, as per the full scale drawings, is produced by the product development team. This team usually includes upholstery designer, pattern layout technician and a CAD Engineer. This prototype is passed over to the next phase.

The Real Product

After testing the prototype, a team of manufacturers select a plant from all the available plants to produce a real time working model of the prototype on the machinery. If the product meets all the specifications and requirements then the same list is passed on to all the manufacturing plants of the company through mostly emails. Now, the recliners will be produced in large amounts and distributed across the world. And if the specifications and requirements are not met, then the same process is repeated again until is perfect recliner comes out.

How is the quality checked?

Without checking the quality, no product goes to the distributer or customer. Recliner manufacturing companies employ some quality control inspectors who monitor the quality of the recliners consistently. They use visual inspection. They have to make sure that the recliners are in the desired shape and size and also the comfort levels are met.

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