How to have a better Office Desk

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Your Office Desk – Your Personality

The way you organize your office desk, it might be a home office or a professional office, convey your personality to your customer, even if you do not desire to. By personality, I mean, your character, your patience, the way you handle your customer, the way you organize the tasks at hand and also the way you deliver. If your desk is messy, then it may convey a message that you are always too busy and do not organize better. If you are minimalist, your desk has very limited things on the table, it may mean that you are not creative enough and do not have innovative strategies.

An office desk is a combination of many elements. From tables, to chairs and chord managers, all of these play an important role in organizing your office desk.

Office Desk Design

Instead of having a single color to the entire desk, the Desk can have colorful screens. One for your table, one for the lamp (if necessary), one for the drawers. Maintain a plenty of storage space for books, papers, electronics to use.

Managing the cables

Managing cables on the desk is an headache. But you can make it simple using a small hack. Pick up a box, a shoe box preferably, make holes on both the sides of the box, one side facing you and other facing the wall. Place the box in front of the power switch board. The cables run through the box and the box cover the switch board.

Choosing the right furniture

  1. Cost of the furniture

If you have a well settled organization, they do opt for some expensive (not so expensive) furniture. By having a glimpse of your costly furniture, the customers must clearly understand that your’s is a well organized workspace.

  1. Is the furniture flexible enough?

Before going for particular furniture, be mindful of the following flexibility parameters.

  • Your desk should contain storage space.
  • Your desk must be flexible enough so that you stretch your legs under it.
  • They must be designed so that your employers are at comfort all the time.

If all the bullet points are taken care of, then you have made a right investment.

  1. Color schemes

Your furniture and infrastructure is the first thing that makes an impression on a customer or an employee. Hence, manage the colors that go into it. Colors must be beautiful enough to attract the customers and energetic enough to motivate your employees for better productivity. Orange and blue will serve the purpose.

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