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How to clean a Leather Sofa

In every home, you will definitely find a leather sofa. These can be placed at the next entrance of the entrance of the home for the people coming from outside to sit and let go of their tiredness, in the middle of the living room in contact with its walls and many other places of choice. However, if the leather sofas are placed in the living room, then a lot of dust gets accumulated on it and it might also get stained. Here comes the difficult part. You have to clean the sofa.

Here are some expert advices on cleaning ideas for your leather sofa to give it a new look.

With a saddle soap

Clean the leather sofa with a saddle soap once in a week. Alternative to a saddle soap is leather dew. Leather dew is a mixture of lather and oil. You can easily find it in a shoe repair shop. Apply it to a soft cloth and clean the sofa.

With a damp cloth

Cleaning a sofa with rough cloth damages it’s finishing. To avoid this, rinse a cloth in water to turn it into a cloth which is damped. Apply small amount of soap and clean the sofa. After a few minutes i.e., after the lather is formed, wipe it out with a dry cloth.

Test your product

Before going ahead and applying the cleaning product to sofa, use it on a less visible area of sofa and check the results. If it looks fine, then go ahead. Otherwise, choose another product. Also, with aging, the product might lose its capability of cleansing. Hence, test your product regularly. If the results are not as desired, replace it with a new one.

Do not scrub at all

There will not always be that one stain that does not leave the sofa even after 100 trials. These stains would be generally of ink, nail polish or alcohol. Do not get tempted to rub the stain. Just leave it. Or call the customer support and ask them for a solution.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes, you would wish to clean the sofa only to wipe out the dust settled on it. In that case, do not use any of the above remedies. Just take out your vacuum cleaner and clean the waste matter. A vacuum cleaner can even extract dust prevent between the cushions.

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