Here are a variety of furniture Recliners for your Daily Needs

Recliners are household names when it comes to chairs with additional capabilities and utility. These home furniture recliners are so useful that many of our sofas now come with reclining functions for our comfort and pleasure. With them, you can sleep, sit and recline in different directions and position. There are different types available to serve various functions in our homes and lives.

Furniture recliners for Massage

This is a great utility design in the recliner chair industry. The massage recliner chair can be used to massage the body while sitting on it. It is often an automated design that has control knobs and lever at the side to enable your carry out the massage process with ease. Some come with remote control capabilities as well. The frame is well covered with soft sofas to make the user stay relaxed.

Rocker furniture recliners for comfort

The rocker recliner is another innovation in the of furniture recliners. A rocker is versatile in its use by adding a rocking movement. With it, you can do more by spinning 360 degrees, tilting back and forth and much more. It is one reclining chair that can make you fall asleep easily if you’re in need of one. They are also called wall-saver for their need of minimal space as they can well be by the wall.

Lift chair furniture recliners

Lift chair recliner, from the name, simply helps you to stand if you are physically challenged or having limb issues. It simply pushes the user up and forward to be able to stand when he needs to. Of, course, it’s an automated system and works perfectly to aid users.

Wall hugger furniture recliners

Wall hugger is a similar one to the rocker in terms of space needs but has fewer capabilities to a rocker function. It has the traditional reclining function of tilt and position adjustments.

Nearly all the different types of recliners above have the same frame designs except little differences here and there. Metals are the predominant material used.  Some parts may have a mixture of both metals and wood and also different fabrics such as leather and other upholstered material.

Some of them have distinct base stands of different shapes. We have those that are a ring, some are star-shaped and others have wheels for movement to different locations in the home.

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