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Headboards for Queen Beds – Buying Guide

Headboard is a crown for a bed. It magnifies the beauty and glamour of the bed to a great extent, also makes the bed more comfortable. The focus of our discussion in this article is headboards for queen beds. We will enlighten you with some general information about headboards and also mention some tips for you, which will help you, up to a reasonable extent, to find a headboard that will be perfect for your queen size bed.

Head Board for Queen Beds:

There is always a wider range of designs and types for bigger sized furniture. If you have ever bought a queen-sized bed, you must have experienced that you found a lot more themes and styles than in smaller sizes. That’s why you will also find an extensive range of head boards, made for queen beds, in quality, style and material. Some common types of head boards for queen beds are discussed below.

Common Types of Head Boards for Queen Beds:

There are different types of head boards, which are further sub categorized.

By Material:

Like all other furniture manufactures, head boards are also manufactured from different types of materials.


Wooden headboards are mostly made of hardwood, but plywood also is a less expensive replacement.


Metal headboards are also very common in American markets, and are manufactured in iron, aluminum, brass, steel etc. If you have metal frame bed, you can go with the metal headboard.

By Style:

There are a lot of stylish types of headboards for queen beds. You can choose one very easily for your bed according to your own taste.

Upholstered Headboards:

Upholstered headboards have a fabric or leather coating on them to give a soft touch to your back while you are sitting in your bed. If you have an upholstered headboard, you don’t usually need cushions to support your back while reading or watching TV. Upholstered headboards are very popular with luxurious bedrooms.

Storage Headboards:

Storage headboards come with drawers and partitions; you can store your stuff which you need at hand while you are in your bed.

Tips to Select a Perfect Headboard for Queen Beds:

Here are some guidelines for you if you want to purchase a headboard for your queen bed.

  • If you choose an upholstered, inspect the fabric of the headboard. Check if it is thoroughly knitted and is not sweaty.
  • Choose the theme and style of the headboard which matches your other bedroom furniture and doesn’t look odd or unusual.
  • Take the measurements of your bed and select a headboard according to those reading. Double check if it fits your bed properly.

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