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The bedroom though a place of sleep and rest for the night, also hold most of our clothing, jewelry, books and other frequently used items. The bedroom is always a place we spend the most time in. But a bedroom can become messy at times when we have a lot of items littering the whole place. For your bedroom to serve its primary purpose of comfort and relaxation, things ought to be kept in their rightful place and positions.

A luxury bedroom of drawers is therefore, needful to give a better organization to your room. A chest, which is bedroom storage furniture, can serve this need quite adequately. You can decide to have a chest of drawers of different numbers and sizes.

Bedroom furniture chest of drawers of single drawer design

luxury bedroom of single design has in it the drawers arranged in a single stack. This is designed to free up space in the room by taking advantage of the open space above in the air. The drawers can extend to as much space as available. Some come in three, four drawers, while the very tall ones can be up to nine drawer stack high.

Bedroom furniture chest of drawers of double design

This is a chest of drawers with a two layer stack arranged adjacent to each other, one left, and the other right. This takes more place on the floor of the bedroom compared to the single design stack. It can also have numbers of drawers in the stack depending on your need.

Bedroom furniture chest of drawers of triple layer design

This is a design suitable for very large rooms that have space to spare. They are usually broad-based design and low heights. Drawers are arranged in multiples of three. They have such a volume of space for large storage of items in the bedroom. All children items can as well go in here.

All the designs have handles and knobs to pull the drawer open. If you are short of space in your room, the single layer drawer design will be much appropriate for you but for a moderate sized bedroom you can still have an alternative in a double stacked design.

You can get your room cleaned up by sectionalizing the drawers. Have a place for a book, another for clothing such as socks and others.

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