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White Wood Chest of Drawers White Wooden Chest Of Drawers
White Wood Chest of Drawers White Wooden Chest Of Drawers

Hacks for good looking Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers have become an integral part of interior design. They are used in offices, at homes. It is necessary to maintain them so that they look good and elegant. Here are some of the simple hacks.

  1. Attach Wheels

You are a kind of person who loves to keep changing the places of your furniture to try different looks and spaces, then you would have to move the chest. Connect a wheel to each corner of the bottom of your chest and it becomes easier to change its place.

  1. Add some glittering material

Children like things that glow in darkness. Stick some stickers that glow in darkness to the front side of the chest. These can be preferably, some stickers of the fairies. This not only attracts children but also helps everyone to avoid stumbling your foot upon the chest at night.

  1. Cushion on the top

If you have a small chest in height with 3-4 drawers, then make some space on the top and place a cushion there. This turns the chest of drawers, into a sitting table.

  1. Tag the drawers

People often forget what they placed in a particular drawer. For instance, your chest has four drawers and you kept a pad of papers on the 2nd drawer and forget. To retrieve the papers, you will first look into the 1st drawer and then the 2nd. To avoid this and save time, just name the drawers. You can creatively paint on the drawers, or just use stickers. Make use your imagination.

  1. Paint the chest

Paint the chest with different colors. If it suits, try different color for different drawers. The most commonly used color is brown. Try using blue, red and orange. Try a blend of all these colors. Think creatively, paint innovatively.

  1. Placement

Place the chest at a place that best fits it. Make sure that either the chest best suites the color of the wall or the color of wall best suites color of the chest.

  1. Make Partitions

Define spaces for everything and everything in its space. Define what to keep in each and every drawer. Eg. Keep things in the increasing order of their weight from top to bottom. In each drawers make partitions. Eg. If you keep papers in the topmost drawer, make partition for papers related to office and home.

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