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Bedrooms Headboard With Storage
Bedrooms Headboard With Storage

Give your bedroom a style update with a fabric headboard

Bored of seeing the old styling of your bedroom? Why don’t you update style of your bedroom with a new Fabric Headboard?  These Fabric Headboards are available in different colours and different types of fabrics and in different styles. . Fabric Headboard is also an intelligent way to transform space into your bedroom. Just choose your style and give your bedroom a new look. These Fabric Headboards come in various types and styles. Some of them are:


This kind of fabric headboard is generally rectangular in shape and could be styled with different kinds of fabrics and designs. It helps to keep your bedroom neat and clean.

Freestanding Fabric Headboard:

It is bought separately and could be combined with either your old bed or the wall beside your bed. The freestanding headboard can be easily shift able between places . Thus with freestanding fabric headboard a fusion of styles could be created with different style of headboard, bed and even wall. There is always scope for innovation and art.


These fixed Fabric Headboards are permanently attached to the walls and gives your bedroom a stunning look. The major problem with these kinds of fabric headboards is that they are fixed in the walls and shifting could be difficult. They can even be framed with a wooden moulding.

Wood Framed:

In this type of Fabric Headboards, the entire portion is not covered by fabric, instead wood frames are used. This gives your bed a very dashing look. Different textures of wood could be used to give your bedroom a stunning look.


This is the most popular category in Fabric Headboards and is used widely these days.  In this design, hardware is stapled or sewn in rows over the fabric to yield a plush, instantly sophisticated result. In this various kinds of fabrics with various patterns and colours are used. Even this category could be fashioned with leather or wood to give a new styling. Even various kinds of themes could be used to style these Fabric Headboards. You can also come up with your own ideas and design a fabric Headboard for your room. These Headboards could be paired with big pillows for decorating purpose. As major portion of these Headboards is fabric, they would be difficult to be cared.

Choose the one which you loved the most and update your bedroom with new styles.

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