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Get yourself a Daybed Sofa and make yourself comfortable

Daybed sofa can serve many purposes, you can have it in your living room where it can be used for sitting during the day and can be given to a guest who stays over for the night to sleep. Very often the daybed comes with storage space where the bed linen and duvet can be stored while it is used for sitting. If you  are beginning your life with a studio apartment then a daybed can provide all the comfort for  sitting and sleeping.

How comfortable is a daybed sofa?

When youngsters studying in universities take studio apartment, a daybed sofa serves all purposes. It provides comfortable sleeping space during the night. During the day the daybed serves for sitting and chatting with friends or studying. The storage space in the daybed serves to accommodate clothes books and bedlinen to keep the apartment spic and span.

If the daybed is made of quality wood it will last a long time and there will  be no problems till the youngster finishes  university. The daybed sofa is usually is well padded with comfort  foam  and upholstered in faux leather or fabric  to make it comfortable for sitting and sleeping.

Different types of daybed sofas available

Daybed sofas come in different styles with wooden framework or metal framework that can fulfil all your needs. You can have it customized to suit your apartment and taste. Some of the daybeds come with a steel frame which is folded inside and which can be pulled out to provide comfortable sleeping space. Most of these beds can accommodate a twin mattress.

The wood that is used like the walnut, mahogany or pine and the upholstery provides the charm and glamour to the setting. With some of these daybeds you can choose the mattress to get the desired comfort.

Solsta daybed sofa for maximum comfort

This daybed sofa is built with a solid wood frame that can easily hold a weight of i50lb. It is well padded with comfort foam that is airy and cool to rest. The arms are rolled up and well-padded for additional comfort for relaxing.  If you want to sleep just roll out the cushions and you will have a comfortable roomy bed.

It costs only $179 and is easy on maintenance. Whenever you want to clean it use upholstery shampoo. You can get rid of light stains with a soapy solution and sponge.

If you are deciding to get a daybed sofa for your apartment check on the different styles available and get the one you like.

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