Unique Make the Most of Your Bedroom with These 15 Double

double deck bed design for small room

There is nothing more fun for kids than to have a sleepover with their friends. How does one accommodate everyone? Well, with Double Deck Beds, it’s easy! It costs you hardly anything. You could build your own Double Deck Beds for your little ones. Now that’s something everyone will enjoy and remember fondly.

  1. It’s a boy thing.

Army pastels and hues scream boy out loud! If you want to save some space in your kids’ bedroom, then double deck beds are the best ways of doing so. Dark green hues, alongside pillow covers and bedsheets of  contrasting colors are a great idea to try out. Let this be more than just a bedroom to tuck them in to! Watch how your kids enjoy playing around their newfound fort!

  1. All aboard!

The more the merrier they say, and so it would seem! Ship like ensembles are something that all kids will love and it’s bound to accommodate more than just two little ones. Imaginations will be soaring with gigantic sets such as these! Who knows you might just find yourself little sailors and pirates going Argh in no time. It doesn’t take up too much space as it’s built out of a wall. Space saver, and a great way to keep the kids busy.

  1. That’s a double deck?

At first this oh-so-simple design isn’t going to come off as a double deck, but a closer look will fetch you the clarity you seem to be chasing after. It’s genius, simply because it combines the beds alongside a study. So, in reality it’s one long stretch of everything your kids’ room would contain! It’s beautiful and also a real space saver. This way you can set up way more things in your kid’s’ bedroom as opposed to stacking it elsewhere.

  1. This one comes with a bathroom.

Spoiling the little ones seems to be prime on our list of things to check off, doesn’t it? What, with this next double decker, your child wouldn’t have to set foot on the floor if they’re heading to nature’s call! They could just hop on to the next best thing! The bathroom, simple, and brilliant in my opinion.

Double deckers a no-no? We think not! Quickly run to the store closest to you and get yourselves on of these babies. It’s going to leave your babies very pleased in my opinion!

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