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Western Plains Barnwood Bunk Bed · Custom Sizes Avail. Starting at $1249 · Rustic Bunk Beds

Different Types of Woods Use to Made Rustic Bunk Beds


Children’s most favorite furniture in the household would be undoubtedly q Bunk bed. The actual meaning of bunk bed is two or more beds combined in the same unit to save space and money. There are various kinds of bunk beds. Rustic bunk beds one of the most famous of them all. Rustic bunk beds are those that are in country style which are simply designed.

Why Rustic?

As any bunk bed is equally enjoyed and loved by kids, why buy rustic? The reason is, rustic bunk beds are made of logs and tree trunks that are not overly polished. They make us feel as if we are in some thickly grown forest. The woods used in rustic bunk beds are ranged widely. Let us check out the types of woods used in Rustic bunk beds.

Types of woods used in Rustic bunk bed:

There are basically 7 types of woods that are used in rustic bunk beds. They are:

Maple Wood: Since colonial days, American’s most favorite wood for furniture use is Maple wood.  It has a texture that is uniform all over the wood. Its color ranges from creamy white to dark reddish brown. It glues well with itself. So you do not have to worry about strength of the furniture.

Oak Wood: Oak wood falls under the category of hard wood. It is very heavy to carry. It resists wear finely. So it looks new even after using it for a while. Oak wood can be found in various colors depending on the species of oak you are using. It can be white or light brown or even pinkish-reddish-brown.

Cherry wood: It has medium density, which makes it easier to bend while making bunk bed. Cherry wood is also good at resisting shock. That means even if the bunk bed is put down with force, it would not be damaged. It has a very smooth texture.

Walnut wood: Walnut wood also is of medium density just like Cherry wood. So it is easy to bend. This is very hard wood. That makes it easy for the wood to resist damage. Its color ranges from light brown to dark chocolate brown.

Rubber wood: This wood is mostly found in Asia. This type of wood is one of the best to make rustic bunk beds. Rubber wood is also called Eco-friendly hardwood. It has a very high density. It has attractive color that looks so good on a rustic bunk bed.

Pine Wood: Though it is strong enough, this wood looks soft and delicate which looks perfect for kids’ rustic bunk beds. Its color varies from creamy white, pale yellow or light brown. Pine gives a very rustic looks.

Engineered wood: It is also referred as composite wood. As the name suggests it is a combination of many woods. That makes it stronger and more wear resistant.

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