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Historically, headboards, made of woods, were used to seclude sleepers from wind and cold in tents. But now-a-days, they are used for some minor purposes such as preventing the pillow from falling from the bed. Some headboards are also used as a storage unit to store personal stuff. But mostly, cloth headboards are seen as decorating material used to make bedroom more attractive.

Now choosing a cloth headboard can be a mammoth task as it requires you to keep in mind the design of your bed, interior design of your bedroom along with the other furniture in your bedroom. And a wrong choice can transform the look of your room from an elegant piece of art to a complete disaster.

So before you decide which cloth headboard will fit your room, let us look at different types of cloth headboards.

Freestanding Cloth headboard:   Sold separately from the bed, a freestanding headboard can be attached, depending on the need, to either the bed or the wall or it can be kept between both without attaching it to any of both.

Fixed Cloth Headboard: This type of headboards is mounted on your wall and look like they are floating. Though they look stylish, they are difficult to shift and have ability to damage your wall if not installed properly.

Wood-Framed Cloth Headboard: The fabric in this type of headboard is pasted on the front and the majority of the portion is left uncovered. Hence this type of headboard requires frequent maintenance.

Straight Cloth Headboards: Simplest of all, this type of headboard usually comes in rectangular or square shape and is used to show-off a different fabric.

Wingback Cloth Headboard: As the name suggests, the wingback headboard has a long back and extended wings to protect the sleeper from cold. They are also used for decorative purposes.

Tufted Cloth Headboard: Extremely popular now-a-days, tufted Cloth Headboards are made of hardware stapled over the fabric to create a mesmerizing result.

Among the above mentioned cloth headboards, my favourites and the ones that are trending right now are freestanding Cloth headboard, Straight cloth headboard and tufted cloth headboard. While others may suit your style and your bedroom, these three will definitely bring the look of elegance and style to your room and wont fail to cheer you as soon as you enter your room.

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