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A daybed trundle is a kind of bed that is expands on rollers to make it go beneath another bed or a furniture part. It is a usual bed, yet the casing looks like an immense drawer, which carries another bed. The daybed trundle is a bed-inside-a-bed. It is also called a captain’s bed. The term most likely originates from the lack of storage room in the tight limits of life on board ship.


One of the best purposes behind purchasing daybeds trundle is that you can have more sleeping room without requiring much floor space. Whether you’re compromising with a single room or attempting to make a double room, there are a couple of things to remember so you can make great utilization of the trundle unit when you require it. Also, since you might not have a ton of explain where your daybed goes, remember these things during re-arranging the room.

  • You should leave sufficient floor space near the daybed so that you can haul the daybed trundle out whenever required. The way to do this is to position a big fancy carpet near the bed. Whether you have covering or hardwood floors, choose a carpet that matches the entire colour plan of the room and which will improve the daybed trundle which you have selected.
  • If you have a sewing machine, a bookshelf, a dresser or an armchair, make sure these don’t block the way of opening up the trundle. If these kind of heavy furniture is hindering the way, then it will be annoying every time to utilize the daybed trundle.
  • If your room is small or for its double occupancy you know the beds won’t have the capacity to stay next to each other, make sure that there is space to place the daybed trundle in an alternate position. A few choices would be to place the beds in a “T” position where the daybed trundle is perpendicular to it. On if the room is long but not wide, the beds can be positioned horizontally however, with space between them which will then permit to simple access to every bed.


Daybeds are a superb way to make additional sleeping area which just needs the temporary space. To get the best utilization of your tiny or packed room, make sure to choose one of the numerous daybed trundle, getting two beds in the space of one.

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