Choose from the variety of available Daybed Frame for your Home

Daybeds are not beds for just sleeping but serve other purposes such as seating and lounging. It is a useful bed that can be used both indoors in the room and outdoor. They are very useful home furniture for your relaxation.

How a typical daybed frame looks

A daybed frame is made up of three main divisions, which are, the back and the two sides. The traditional shape most daybeds have is the rectangular shape with the back giving a support against rolling over and the two sides probably serving as the headboard on one end and the other as the foot guide on the other.

The inner part of the bed is often with link spring for the mattress support .The mattress size is always a twin size, that is, 39 inches by 75 inches. Invariably, daybeds are often twin sized. Many daybeds also have a trundle attachment to serve another sleeper. A trundle is an extra bed attached underneath a bed that can be pulled out and used separately.

A daybed frame is often a wooden or metal design, or be a combination of  the two.

Types of Trundle in a Daybed frame

A daybed frame can come in two types:

  • A trundle with drawers
  • A pop-up trundle

A trundle with drawers daybed frame is a detachable bed beneath the main bed. Usually, it is pulled out like a drawer and used separately. A wooden material is often used for this style.

A pop-up trundle daybed frame on the other hand expands the size of the original. It’s like opening and extending a fold. Metal materials are used for this kind of design.

Benefit of a daybed over the conventional bed

Unlike a conventional bed which is traditionally a one-style function, a daybed is versatile. It can function as a bed and a seat at another time. A daybed is portable and often lightweight. With this feature, it can be frequently moved from one room to the other when need demands for it. A daybed can recline while the traditional bed would not. Reclining can help ease the nerves, giving you a good relaxation.

Well, one advantage the traditional can said to have is the size variants which are not common with a daybed. A daybed is always twin sized, while the traditional bed can be a king, queen or double sized.

Actually, a daybed frame and its use are to exemplify simplicity coupled with more  functionality.

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