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Baycliffe Brown Reclining Sofa - Sofas (Brown) Sofa Recliners
Baycliffe Brown Reclining Sofa - Sofas (Brown) Sofa Recliners

Buying Guide for Sofa and Chair Recliners

Now-a-days, recliners are one of the most well-known furniture manufactures regarding comfort and luxury. A recliner has become a compulsory part of furniture for a sitting room or a bedroom of every house, in particular, round the clock working people love it the most. Modern recliners have replaced almost all other types of comfort-seating due to diverse range of recliners categorized by functionality and style. There are a lot of different types of recliners like, reclining gliders, rocker recliners, chair recliners, etc.

In this article, we will discuss about different types of recliners, their unique functionalities and how you can purchase a perfect recliner for you.


Recliners or reclining sofas are the sofas with a reclining back and a footrest, totally designed to comfort your back and stretch your legs and feet to get into a cozy and comfy position. There are levers to recline back for rest and again back to the active mode at will.

Now, electric recliners have been introduced with automated features, you don’t have to bother yourself to get to your required position, instead, just click a button and you job’s done.

Features of Modern Recliners:

Modern recliners have been introduced with a lot of amazing features. Some of which are as follows:

  • Recliners, now-a-days, are highly automated. Instead of manipulating levers, you can just press a button to recline down or get back to active position.
  • Modern recliners offer you massage and heat too comfort your body which is very useful for blood circulation.
  • Recliners chair come with a fantastic rising feature which helps the user to get up from the chair. This helps aged and bulky peoples a lot, who can’t move around and stand up easily.

Here are some different models of reclining chairs:

 Chair Recliners:

Chair recliners consist of a chair with a reclining back. This model is useful if you want it as a chair as well as a recliner. It can be used to sit in it easily to work and recline back for a power nap at time. Chair recliners’ footrest is also often separated from the chair or portable.

Rocker Sofa Recliners:

Rocker recliner is the recliner which also comes with the rocking feature. It is real fun to recline back and rock for hours. Try once, you will never get tired of it! It can possibly be your favorite spot in the house.

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