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Buying Guide for Guide for Bedroom Dresser – Clothes Dresser

Dresser is one of the most compulsory furniture pieces for bedroom décor. Where your bed and other seating furniture counts, dresser also matters a lot for bedroom interior. Modern American furniture has introduced many new types of dressers regarding functionality, design, material and themes. For example, beauty dresser, mirror dresser, clothes dressers, etc. are different types of dressers and each is made on the purpose of performing a specific functionality.

In this article we will discuss different types of dressers and some tips about how you can efficiently purchase a perfect dresser for you.

 Horizontal Dressers:

Horizontal dressers are one of the oldest designs in furniture history. They are not very high but wider than standard dressers, provide you wide area for drawers as well as on the top. They are low enough that you can also hang a mirror to use it as mirror dresser. Modern designers also come with attached mirror. Horizontal dressers consist of lots of compartments and drawers and compartments, enough for your stuff and clothes.

Vertical Dressers:

Vertical dressers are relatively taller in height and doesn’t take much space horizontally, also called tall boy. It can’t be used as a mirror dresser as it is taller than a standard dresser, but it is a real space-saver, won’t take much area of your room and has many drawers in shape of a column.

Combo Dressers:

A combo dresser consists of two major parts – one side consists of normal sized drawers and other size is composed of a cabinet to hang clothes. It can be used as a clothes dresser as well as casual dresser.

Lingerie Chest:

Lingerie chest consists of seven drawers, each one can be assigned to a specific day of a week and you can put specific stuff needed that day of the week. If you have a busy life and need your stuff organized every day, then lingerie chest is a perfect furniture piece for you to store your everyday stuff for you daily.


Dressers are manufactured of different materials like, wood, metals, etc.


Wooden furniture manufactures are further categorized in two types – softwood and hardwood.

Softwood manufactures are relatively expensive but more durable. If you want to go for a less expensive range, you can find good stuff in softwood too. For example, pine manufactured material is very well-known and it’s durable up to ten years.

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