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Around the age of 2-3, kids start to sleep on their own. So,Here are few  things to consider before buying a bed for your kid.The deciding factor should be the weight and height of your kid and also the space available. There are different types of beds available in the market and the fore mentioned factors can help you decide the most suitable bed for your children.

Toddler Beds:

These beds are from children below the age of 8 or who weigh less than 50 pounds. They can fit your space and also their height is less so even if they stumble down in sleep they won’t get hurt.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can come in quiet handy when you have more than one children. Basically, they are a single bed with space for two mattresses one on top of each other. Hence space can be saved and it also looks as a fun decorative in their bedroom. The bed on top can be reached through a ladder.

Cabin Beds

Cabin beds are our normal beds that can double up as a storage space. They have these drawers and doors at the bottom. This feature gives the cabin beds an edge over the others.

Sleep station Beds

Sleep station beds are almost like a hybrid between bunk and cabin beds. They are a single piece of furniture with multiple purposes and benefits. The Bed is placed at a reasonable height which can be accessible through a ladder and at the bottom and the sides , there are like drawers, shelves, writing desk and similar items.Even though they can be quite expensive, they can be very useful and their multi speciality makes them choosable.

Other Tips :

1.If the idea of bunk beds scare you,you can choose twin beds.

2.When it comes to toddler beds,there are variety of options available like car beds, doll beds etc.

3.There are also convertible beds thats can be adjusted in size as and when your children grow.

It doesnt matter how fancy the bed is,it is only wise to compare it with your requirements. The right choice of bed is the one which concentrate on the comfortableness of your child.

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