Buyer’s Guide Modern Bunk Beds

Modern bunk beds are one of the most well-known American furniture manufactures, designed according to modern age Native American needs. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of modern bunk beds, their specialties and some guidelines about how you can purchase a bunk bed efficiently enough that it fulfills all of your needs.

Modern Bunk Beds:

Modern bunk beds are the perfect example of fascination and productivity. There’s so much variety in style and functionality that you can’t resist yourself to buy one. There are further a lot of types of modern bunk beds and each type serves the best for what it is designed. Plus, there is so wide range of styles and themes in each category that you will definitely find the one you really love.

Types of Modern Bunk Beds:

Here are some common types of modern bunk beds. Each type is unique and self-speaking enough to attract the customers.

Standard Bunk Beds:

A standard bunk bed consists of two twin-beds, one atop the other. You can reach the top bed by a ladder attached to the frame. Usually ceiling of the top bed is two meters high from the floor. Some standard bunk bed models are designed to let you detach the beds occasionally to use them separately.

Loft Beds:

A loft bed consists of a bed at the top, but the space underneath the bed is empty. Loft beds liberate the users to use the space freely according to their taste and apt needs.

Futon Beds:

Futon is a multipurpose bed. A futon consists of a standard top bed, but the bottom is modified by replacing its standard bed with a futon. Futon can serve as a standard bed at night as well as it can be converted into a comfortable sofa for sitting.


This type of modern bunk bed is specially designed for students or office workers. Top level consists of a standard bed and underneath, there is a desk with compartments and book shelves. You can use the bottom as a study or workstation.

Tips to Purchase a Suitable Modern Bunk Bed:

Although it seems after reading the types of modern bunk beds, you can easily decide what you need, yet there may be some aspects, that may irritate you individually after you purchase a product.

So, here are some tips to avoid the possible bad happenings.

  • While purchasing a bunk bed, do consider the height of the top bed. It is usually two meters from floor to ceiling. Make sure, the height of the bed you choose is compatible with you.
  • Take the manufacturing material of the bed into account. Bunk beds are usually manufactured with wood or metal. Choose the one which serves you the best.
  • If you are buying a bunk bed for your kids. Take all the safety measures. Check if the railing of the top bed is high enough to count safe, also check if the ladder is stable and strong enough.

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