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Bedroom Furniture – White Wooden Chest of Drawers

Bedroom Furniture: 

A bedroom is the place that a person literally owns and it’s all up him/she how they manage the room and stuff in it, and a bedroom is also the very place which exposes the interests, tastes and personality of that person. Everyone needs to look their bedroom elegant and unique and tries their best to make it happen in many ways. The furniture of any room, including bedroom, plays a great role in making your bedroom glamorous, classy and versatile too.

In this article, we will discuss the drawer chests for your bedroom, their types like, classic, contemporary and materials these are manufactured from, like, white wooden chest of drawers or metals chests.

Types by Material:

Drawers chest are mainly manufactured from two different materials, wood and metals.

Wooden Chests of Drawers:

Wooden chests of drawers are manufactured from, softwood, plywood or hardwood. Wooden manufactures are a little more expensive but durable and have a wide range of styles and functionality. Softwood furniture falls comparatively in less expensive range.

Metal Chests:

In modern American furniture, fully metal-manufactured are also very common, but hybrid chests are also available in the market – combination of wood and metal.

Leather Chests:

Manufacturers keep experimenting with different types of materials in all types of furniture. Leather coated chests have also been manufactured by different furniture brands. It is made of wooden frame internally and coated with white or black leather, gives it a very unique and elegant look. If you have a leather upholstered or leather seating in your bedroom, leather chest will make an unbeatable contrast with them.

Types of Drawer Chests:

Many different types of chests have been introduced into the market and some of which are:

Classic Drawer Chests:

Classic medium sized chests will never get old in the trends of interior décor. The carved designs and antique style gives the whole bedroom a very gentle look.

Lingerie Chests:

A lingerie chest consists of seven drawers vertically arranged. You can assign each drawer with a day of week and keep the stuff in it which is used in those specific days. Lingerie chest doesn’t cover much area of your room so you can also consider it as a space-saver piece of furniture.

Standard Vertical Chest:

Standard wooden chest is also known as tallboy. It consists of large deep drawers, provides you with extra space than a standard or classic chest.

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