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Bedroom Furniture – White Bedroom Dresser

After your bed, the bedroom dresser is the second most effective furniture piece that leaves impact on the viewer and decides whether your bedroom is impressive enough or not. Your dresser represents your taste in furniture and your personality.

In this article, we will discuss about bedroom dressers, different styles and themes and how you can effectively purchase a dresser.

There are different types of dresser regarding styles, materials and themes. For example, leather dressers, contemporary dressers, white bedroom dresser, wooden dresser, traditional dresser, etc.

By Material:

Dressers are manufactured by different materials such as, wood, metal, leather, etc.

Wood Dresser:

There are further different kinds of woods like softwood, hardwood, plywood etc. Hardwood furniture is relatively more famous but plywood is also equally renowned in less-expensive ranges.

Metal Dresser:

Metal dressers are also available in market with different designs but they are not much famous as wooden dressers. These dressers are full or partly manufactured with metals for the sake of designs and themes.

Leather Dressers:

Modern furniture manufacturers have experimented leather in almost all types of furniture. Leather coated dressers are also available in market. These dressers are normally coated with leather but their internal frame is usually wooden.

By Style:

There are different categories of dressers by styles. You can find very unique and affordable styles under each category. Some of the categories are:

Traditional Bedroom Dressers:

Traditional dressers are mostly wooden average sized dressers with carved designs on them, which make them highly unique. If you love simple and timeless looking furniture, you must go with the traditional bedroom dressers.

White Bedroom Dressers:

White is a gentleman’s color; if you are in love with white color, or need themed furniture for you, luckily, white bedroom dressers are readily available in the market for you. If you have white headboard bed, then no dresser will be more matching and versatile than a white dresser in your bedroom.

Dresser with Mirror:

Mirror dressers are no less unique than any other type of dressers. You can find very stylish and modish designs in this category. A mirror dresser gives a very unique and sophisticated look to your bedroom.


No furniture piece, either it’s your dresser or bed, will look beautiful until you don’t take care of it. Choose furniture which is symmetrical and suits your personality. Organize the desks and drawers of your dresser and don’t over-stuff it. If your dresser is leather coated, take extra care.

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