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An Overview of Daybed and Sleigh Daybed


In order to grow well, have a strong and healthy body, one need to sleep well.  It has been discovered that good sleep has positive effects to the body, such as keeping the heart healthy, prevention f cancer, reduction of stress, improvement of memory etc. there are more to this endless list. Without quality sleep, the body would breakdown. Quality and comfortable sleep can only be derived on the bed. This is because one is able to lie flat, and is able to stretch also. Beds grant maximum satisfaction to users. A good bed has to be soft, cozy and comfortable. This would ensure that users are able to sleep well and comfortably. Beds are also made in various designs and sizes. This has led to beds having different features. As a result of this, beds have been grouped and categorized into different types. One of such is the Daybed.


A daybed is a piece of furniture which is used as a bed and also could be used as a recliner and lounger. In some cases, it could be used for seating in some kinds of rooms like a common room. The frames are mostly made of metal, wood or both of them. Its frames actually do determine the kind of daybed it would be regarded as. Some daybeds do have added features like the trundle which helps in expanding the sleeping capacity of the daybed.

In recent times, daybeds make use of a linkspring to support the mattress. It serves as system of support. The linkspring is a metal frame with cross supports. It is rectangular in shape. It serves as a means of support and provides clearance for storage beneath a daybed. There are basically two categories of daybeds. They are the indoor daybeds and the outdoor daybeds. The indoor daybeds are the ones found in the rooms inside a house. The outdoor daybeds have roofs to users from sunlight and rain. There are different types of daybed. A particular type is the Sleigh daybed.

Sleigh Daybed

Sleigh daybeds are daybeds that look like are created just like sleigh beds but are actually daybeds. They are made with fine and quality leather that would make users very comfortable. Their designs are usually contemporary and highlighted with tufted back rest and some times, a nail head accent which would bring out sophistication in a room. They are mostly used in living rooms. Sometimes, we might just want to be in living room and have something to rest on. A sleigh daybed is perfect for this

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