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So, what is a Night Stand? It is basically a bedside table or cabinet that can be used to place our night time goods like  lamp, water, glasses, pills, books, alarm and other similar stuff.It can either be a simple one with a flat surface where we can keep all our stuff or it can also be very spacy and have additional drawers and doors.

Night stands can be of different sizes,shapes,colors and may vary in the material they are made like wood,steel,glass etc.

Nightstand and Bedroom

A night stand can also add an additional touch to any bedroom

They can either match up with the general theme or color of your bedroom or they can completely contradict each other. The choice is left to your wishes and fancies. You can add a bright night stand to your pastel bedroom and make it perky. The one other thing to keep in mind is the height of the night stand. The height of the night stand should be proportional to the height of the bed,so that the items placed on the night stand can be easily available to your reach.

 Decorating your Night Stand!

Just because it is there,it doesnt mean you have to dump everything over it. You can keep it simple. The top surface can have a flower vase,candle and water. The other stuff like books,pills can go in to the drawers. You can also frame a happy memory and put it over the night stand. A big motivational poster or may be a book/movie poster can be supported by the night stand.


It is not neccesary that you have to buy a nightstand from a nights,instead you can get creative and make your own nightstand. Here is how :

1.You can simply spray paint a barrel and use it as a night stand !

2.A writing desk or just a shelf?

3.How  about just a stool or chair?

4.A bar cart can also be used as a night stand.

5.An old trunko can also serve the purpose.

6.Drum ! (My favorite)

7.A plain or a fancy basket !

You can also stack up books and create a night stand.It basically is about your ideas and imagination.

To conclude,it doesn’t matter if you are choosing a night stand from stores or making it own your own,A nightstand is a must in everyone s bedroom. White -  | Sure Fire Kids Bunk  | Summerlin Double Reclining Loveseat  | 
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