Prepac Black Sonoma Tall 6 Drawer Chest Tall Narrow Dresser

A  Tall Narrow Dresser is the Best Choice for your Room Space

Dressers are adorable pieces of furniture we all love to add to our collection and most important keep things tidied up in them. However,  we may be constrained of space or even not knowing the right place to position one which in the long run, will not be at a disadvantage in the room.  Having a tall narrow dresser positioned in the bedroom may not be a hassle but if positioned wrongly, can cause some hiccups.

Dressers can be categorized into at least three if chest of drawers is the parameters.

Categories of Tall Narrow Dresser

Single drawer dresser

A single stack of drawers in a dresser contains just one column drawers. This stack is a right choice if you intend conserving available space. The average number of drawers for a standard dresser here is four.

Double drawer dresser

In a double stack, the drawers are arranged in both left and right positions of the dresser. It requires more space compared to the single stack dresser.

 3 drawer dresser

In a three drawer dresser, more base expansion is required to contain the stacks. They are definitely for large rooms where space is in abundance.

Now, the single file drawer dresser can be extended upwards to have up to 7, 8, or even 9 drawers. In such situations, we have a tall narrow dresser.

Tall Narrow Dressers have advantages and disadvantages.

With a tall narrow dresser, more space in the room is conserved for you to move around. A tall dresser can contain more than enough items that you can decide to create sections to make finding things a lot easier.

Nevertheless, the cons are also there to tackle. One of them is the difficulty in accessing the topmost of the drawers. It can be a big headache at times. Secondly, tall narrow dressers can be a blockage for ventilation if placed by the window’s wall. And finally, having this dresser does not give the convenience if you have to move it into another room..

If these presents themselves as obstacles then, the simple solution to hem are; always lean the dresser on a wall different from that of  the windows’. Be sure you’ll not always be changing apartment frequent if this is what you want, otherwise go for simpler ones. And for the top, keep only things you’ll not use frequently there.

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