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Mid-Century Modern Long Vintage Modern Dresser w/ Offset Drawer Pulls

A dresser is furniture that has a stack of drawers for storage purposes. A long dresser can be measured in terms of how many drawers the dresser carries. Dressers have a long history dating back to England and wales. Dressers then were primarily used in the kitchen for keeping crockery items such as cutlery, dinner wares, and display of silvered fashionable items.  They also serve as a place to set the dinner ready to be served.

In contemporary times, this home furniture has moved on to be storage and ‘neating-up’ furniture in the bedroom and other places where deemed fit.

A Typical Description of a Long Dresser

What is described to be a long dresser could be from a six drawer dresser. And being a long dresser does not really referring to a vertical height but rather the horizontal. They can come in different material designs. You can choose to go for a wooden dresser or a mix of upholstery and metals.

And for a six drawer dresser, the standard dimension is in the range of 60x20x30. That is, 60 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 30 inches high.

The base usually has four feet on which it stands. The drawers are arranged parallel in a single, double or a given custom file desired. The drawers usually have a knob which is used for opening at the front. The back side is often placed against the wall to free up space.

The Many Use of a Long Dresser

The long dresser having up to six or more dressers can be used for various purposes in the bedroom.

It can serve as storage for clothing like socks, underwear and other items like makeup and jewelry. They can be useful to store bedtime books as well. A six drawer dresser is enough to hold items that litter the room. Children’s wears can comfortably be kept in the drawers. Unwashed clothes can have a portion in a long dresser.

What a Long Dresser Provides

A long dresser, in the long run, will conserve space for your room.

Your room becomes neater and well organized

A long dresser is a fashionable interior décor adding taste and style to your bedroom.

Long dressers can be very useful for homes. You’ll need one for a well-organized modern house. There is always one for everyone. Get one today and stay modern

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