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A Guide to buying Single Bed

We spend about one third of our life by sleeping. Then why not sleep in a very comfortable single bed. But people with less knowledge on beds end up buying less comfortable and bulky beds. Here are few tips that can be used as guide purchase the right single bed that satisfies your needs.


Mattress is the most important parameter that decides your comfort level. Too smooth mattress can lead you to sinking into the mattress and you might end up going down and touching the bed’s furniture through the mattress. Sleeping on the bed’s furniture directly is better than buying a hard mattress. Both do not give any comfort. Hence, a mattress must smooth as well as hard. The smoothness and hardness must be equally distributed. Fortunately or unfortunately, these parameters differ from person to person. Therefore, I suggest trying different beds with different mattresses of couple of companies and varying smoothness and hardness levels personally so that you can end up purchasing the right mattress.


Be mindful that, after purchasing and placing the single bed in your bedroom, you may have to move it to a different place or shift it to a different room. So, buy a bed that’s easy to be moved.


The size of the single bed you select will depend on the size of your room and the place where you want to keep it. Select a size that best fits your requirement. First select the place you want to place the bed and then decide the dimensions.


Most people prefer their single beds to be place in specific places. These places can be beside a window where they can view the greenery of the garden after waking up, beside a wall so that they can just lean to the wall, or just next to the door. People who are workaholics prefer their beds beside their work table or study table.


Before considering all the above parameters, you must check the kind of furniture or wood material the bed is made of. Now-a-days, bed makers promise a lot of things, but only a few are men of their words. Generally, they make beds from plywood and apply some coatings. Check whether these coatings can hold the bed and prevent it from getting damaged.

I leave the COST parameter to you, since you can have enhancements in all the above parameters depending on your budget. Have a great time purchasing a single bed.

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