Spacious bathroom

Lisa Romerein Bathroom Decoration
Lisa Romerein Bathroom Decoration

Wet rooms are becoming popular and luxurious attraction among new home buyers. There is vast range to suit each new home owner budget. They increase the value of the house and its resale value if tiled. The wet room is a shower room (fully tiled) without tray and shower screen, and generally open area. Shower screen may be used to prevent water from spilling. These are super stylish and provide contemporary look. It helps in space optimization in the bathroom. They are much easier to clean and maintain and also it better protected from contamination. However, Wet rooms to be tiled way from floor to the ceiling which may add to the budget. They provide better user experiences with the bath room.


Cost of Installing Wet Room may cost the home owner in the range of 5000 to 10000 British pounds. The prices vary significantly on the amount of work to be carried over, the kind of material to be used in renovation etc. However, there are no standard pricing as there is no standard sellers of this service.

Material: –

Wet rooms are covered from floor to wall through tiles. The tiles are of generally made graphite, sheet vinyl (floor) or even-Corian because they are seamless, non-porous and require less maintenance.

Design: –

It is a simple design with a rain shower or handheld shower with open area, the design can be subjected to better space utilization. Extra space is created by removing tray and using shower screen to prevent spilling of water over. They are tiled with natural stones or synthetic tiles to give elegant look and bathing experience.

Dimensions: –

It uses the same area of your traditional bathroom by getting away with unnecessary curtains and obstacles obstructing the space. It maximizes the area to enhance customer usage experience.

Availability: –

This is a set up arrangement and one has to contact the local plumber or the companies involved in home decorations to setup. The cost of tiles and renovation may add to the home owner’s budget. This arrangement is much more popular among economy class home buyers as it suits their budget and more appealing. It is a product differentiated market and no standard pricing available. The amount of work to be done is the sole criteria in determining the price to be charged. There are also no standard players present in this market and has low entry barrier.