Flooring of a wet room

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Brief Description:
A room in which one don’t need any plastic tray whether of concrete or may be of joist floor made up of wood to take a shower in this room. Such type of room is usually referred to as wet room. Scandinavia is the place to originate such wet rooms. Sometimes, it is comprised of a big wooden tub on which one have to move up through stairs. The trays of the shower are that much relaxing and can be of many shapes.

While bathing in a wet room gives you a leveled floor which gives you comfort and relaxation. It also gives ease to patients like if they are sitting on the Wheel Chair.


In order to do flooring of a wet room, the most important thing is the selection of a material that will provide you with relaxation and comfort level. A wet room of special quality must contain the following things:

• Screeds of wet Room

• Drains of Wet Room

• Sloppy trays

• Membranes for waterproofing

• Special kind of tiles for wet area

These are some of the special materials, required to make a perfect wet room.

Floors for Wet Rooms:

• In order to give a perfect bent of finishing and to make your wet room a waterproof, it comprises of borders, accessories and magnificent walls to use. Designs of flooring also matter a lot to design a perfect wet room. Safety measures are essential things while working on a wet room. A high-quality traditional floor requires resistance for extra slips. For such type of flooring, Tarkett flooring is the best one to choose.

• Safetred Aqua is a kind of flooring which provide you with a full comfort level to even walk bare footed on the floor with full comfort level. You may walk barefooted in the wet room area, even in the area which is exactly under the shower. This type of flooring provides you with a comfort of not slipping even in watered areas.

• Grant Multisafe flooring is usually used for the flooring of wet areas. It is designed for the purpose to give extravagant safety in wet areas under foot. This type of flooring will provide you with a perfect grip to your feet, even when the floor is getting slippery with water or soap. It is even very safe to use for the kids.