The best backsplash kitchen designs

Backsplash Designs For Kitchen idea of the day: natural u0026
Backsplash Designs For Kitchen idea of the day: natural u0026 light wood kitchen (by crown point QZVSZUK

There so many backsplash ideas for your modern or traditional kitchen available out there. Finding the ideal one is always the biggest issue. There several top designs that will work well with any type of kitchen. So weather its mirror, title or wall design, there’s simply an unlimited number of options available for you.


This is quite a sleek design that brings that retro eighties feel into your kitchen. It is best incorporated on wall tiles to bring out more of a jazzy modern feel. This is a top trend and if you’re a big fun of unique styles this is defiantly the top design for you.

Tip: its best incorporated with white cabinets over the dull pale colors like brown and mahogany.

The blue and white color pattern

For those who love a romantic feel in their kitchen this is the top design for you. It incorporates a cute yet subtle style that is classy and cute at the same time.

Tip: this is quite a delicate style that is well pared with pale blue colors and white. It also goes very well with white and cream open shelves.

The blue and gray combo

This is quite a classy yet risky ideal. Its color plan is quite delicate and at the same time tends to bring out a serious yet beautiful traditional theme kitchen.

Tip: this style is best on elongated walls as it brings out more contrast and yet a refined theme to the kitchen at large. This style looks best on white or cream high cabinets as opposed to low cabinets’ drawers.

Dark and Dramatic

This is definitely the top trend. It features a completely dark design. A different paring of different dark shades incorporated to form the perfect theme. The dark on dark has become quite a top trend with several designers embracing the trend.

Tip: best with large rooms with ample lighting and large windows. This is simply because the theme is quite dark and may require a little lightening up.


So whatever your style is this is are defiantly the top trends around embrace them.