Round or square dining table

Square Kitchen Table small square kitchen table XECZBMM
Square Kitchen Table small square kitchen table XECZBMM

A dining table is the center piece of a kitchen or dining area. It is a place where the entire family can sit down comfortably and enjoy their food while discussing many things. Besides eating it can be used for many other purposes. When hosting a party or any other social event Dining table proves to be a blessing. Different shapes, designs and sizes of dining tables are available.

Types of Kitchen tables

o Square Dining Table
o Round Dining table
o Bar heighted table
o Bistro tables
o Extendable dining tables
o Drop leaf tables
o Glass topped dining tables

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of the dining table it is important to select the right shape. Round and square shape are the most preferred one.


Round dining table V/s Square dining table

Round dining tables are more suitable for larger spaces. Whereas a square dining table is appropriate for smaller spaces. It makes the dining area appear spacious. However a square is a strict no if parties and events are organized frequently at your place as it does not accommodate large people. If the dining room is square in shape then it is better to go for square dining table. A square dining table is suitable for long conversations and keeps the environment calm and balanced. On the other hand a round dining table is more apt for small chitchats. A square table has normally seating for 4 to 8 guests. However a square dining table is the best if you have at least 4 people who will be sitting on the table to eat. Each person can sit comfortably at equal distance from each other without bumping their elbows into each other. Square dining tables are more stable as it has support on all sides. Square tables have corners if having small kid in the house one needs to be very careful and take precautions to avoid injuries.

Helpful tips to select the best table

Measure the space where one wants to place the dining table.

Measure the space between table and the wall or table and the furniture.

Never overcrowd the table and make a comfortable seating for all.

Seating size should be appropriately calculated.

Smartly select the shape of the table.