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Island Kitchen Design 60 kitchen island ideas and designs - EDQNMPU

Small U shaped kitchen

A Kitchen is a space that is utilized for preparing food. Kitchens will be located at any places like home, hotel, restaurant, public area and even in the moving places like train. Modular kitchen is a concept that contains cabinet units made with diversified material. There are several types of kitchen designs are available like C-shaped, I-shaped, L-shaped, Horse shoe design, peninsula kitchen, kitchen with island and U-shaped design.

U shaped kitchen is often a choice for larger kitchen space and it is also ideal for smaller compact spaces. It needs three contiguous walls and the middle space is utilized for storage and for food preparation. The trademark of small U shaped kitchen is the utilization of all the three contiguous walls and hence superior design than other patterns. U shaped design can offer proper air rotation and sunlight. This shape can permit the cooking person to divide and conquer the kitchen readily.

Three’s a crowd

The primary advantage of the small U shaped kitchen is that at a time more than one and a maximum of three persons can occupy the kitchen.


The small U shaped kitchen is design for the efficient utilization of the kitchen space and the occupants can easily access the oven, refrigerator, cook tops and sink.

User friendly

Bench tops can be accommodated on the three sides which permit for sufficient cooking space. If it is needed to maximize the space the bench tops can be removed.


If island bench top is placed on one side of the ‘U’ it allows the friends and relatives to come and sit with the cooking persons.

Advantages of Small U shaped kitchen

• The U shape can partition the kitchen into several working sites.

• Accommodates more traffic in the kitchen

• Maximum counter space.

• U shape efficiently provides more kitchen island.

Installation of U shaped Kitchen

The primary thing is to ensure the floor dimension and measure the height of the cabinet. Place the cabinets in their appropriate place. Do clamp and rivet the storage cabinet.


The small U shaped kitchen design that holds three walls accommodated with cabinets and other household appliances. This type of design frees up the maximum floor space. The U shape is designed for the sake of the cooking persons and the home owners can access all the areas of the kitchen.