Why stainless steel is the best metal for your kitchen tap?

Best Paint For Painting Kitchen Cabinets unexpected combos LONXCOV
Best Paint For Painting Kitchen Cabinets unexpected combos LONXCOV

It’s never easy to make most of your space especially when you have none. Due this this most developers tend to opt for an open kitchen style. This allows for easier utilization of tasks and allows enables you to indulge in laziness as you can literally do anything on the open kitchen design.

Why open plan kitchen living room?

Saves space.

It enables easy movement from one room to another and maximum utilization as no space is occupied by walls. So if you’re looking to make the most out of a small living space, this plan will defiantly suit you well.

Easy conversation

With this type of set up it’s easier to cook and clean in the kitchen and at the same time interact with the people in the living room. This enables easy conversation and interactions with people in the living room.

The best for entertaining

This enables you and your guest to have easy conversations. It enables you to make them feel welcomed without it being awkward as you’re with then every step of the way.


Lack of privacy

Expect no privacy with this type of floor work. It’s completely open and hence hard to do anything that’s really private when in the two rooms as it’s out on display.



It’s hard to stop the smells from the kitchen from travelling through the entire household. With this type of kitchen plan expect every scent to run through the entire household. This can be quite a disadvantage especially when its smells of burnt food or garbage.

Hard to keep clean

With more space comes more room to clean this can be quite a disadvantage when you lack proper cleaning services.

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